Krzysztof Jakubczyk & Magdalena Pierwocha – Tenerife based award winning photographers. Fashion editorials, catalogues & videoclips. Lifestyle, sport and advertising photography, model books and personal photoshoots in the Canary Islands. Digital retouching and postproduction. All in one small & medium photo production company creating visual content for european brands.

We specialize in outdoor catalogue photography for brochures, lookbooks, magazine ads as well as video clips for websites, e-commerce, online stores, or interactive media.

The location
Located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, for nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, we are able to take advantage of an infrastructure that has successfully catered to the fashion-photo and film industry for last decades.
Near the European capitals, more than 300 flights connections, The Canary Islands offer an ideal location with a great weather and amazing light all over the year for photo-shooting and film recording. Wide selection of model-agencies, hair & makeup artists and stylists, a great diversity of landscapes, black and white beaches, mountains, cliffs, deserts, old towns, cities, accessories, make it perfect place for your production.

Your budget
Using local recources will keep your expenses low, reduce your overall production cost, and eliminate travel & hotels fees for entire production teams.
All you need to bring is your merchandise – we’ve got everything else here.

Passion for photography supported by nature, experience and technology.